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Agency Appointment and Duties 
  • 甲方指定乙方为其独家代理,为第三条(代理商品)所列商品从第四条(代理区域)所列区域的顾客中招揽订单,乙方接受上述委任。

    Party A hereby appoints Party B as its Exclusive Agent to solicit orders for the commodity stipulated in Article 3 (hereinafter referred to as "Commodity") from customers in the territory stipulated in Article 4 (hereinafter referred to as "Territory"), and Party B accepts and assumes such appointment.


    Party B shall diligently and faithfully operates as Party's A competent agency in the Territory and shall undertake its best endeavors to fulfill the duties described herein and maximize the orders for the Commodity in the Territory. 


    Party B shall maintain and safeguard the goodwill, reputation, prestige and interest of both Parties. Party B shall learn and maintain reasonable technical and practical knowledge with regard to the Commodity.

    Party B shall not, in the Territory, deal in any contracts for licensing or selling products and/or goods, nor shall it represent any other licensors, suppliers or manufacturers of any products and/or goods, which are in the opinion of Party A similar to or competitive with the Commodity of Party A in the application domain stipulated in Article 3.

Commodity and Application Domain 
  • 首先,我们将对贵公司的产品或服务进行深入学习和了解。然后,基于我们在行业的专业背景,来选择我们可以代理的产品或服务。

    First of all, we will have an in-depth study and understanding of your products or services. Then, based on our professional background in the industry, we can choose products or services that we can represent.


    Or, if there is a strong market demand in China and you want us to represent your products and services in a wider range, we will promote your business in China through our business cooperation network.

Price and Payment
  • 每一笔交易的货物或服务价格应由乙方与买主通过谈判确定,并须经甲方最后批准。
    The price for each individual Commodity Sale transaction shall be fixed through negotiations between Party B and the buyer, and subject to Party A's final approval.


    Basically, there are two options: 

    First option: your company signs direct contracts with customers,then, we get a certain percentage commission according to the total contract price.


    Second option: your company signs contracts with our company and then our company signs a contract with customers. Your company will quote us first, then we will add our cost and profit, and then we will quote the price to our customers.

Market and Regulations Update Report
  • 为使甲方充分了解现行市场情况,乙方应至少每季度一次或在必要时随时向甲方提供市场报告, 内容包括与本协议代理商品的进口与销售有关的地方规章的变动、当地市场发展趋势以及买方对甲方按协议供应的货物的品质、包装、价格等方面的意见。乙方还承担向甲方提供其他供应商类似商品的报价和广告资料。
    In order to keep Party A well-informed of the prevailing market conditions, Party B shall supply Party A, at least once a quarter or at any time when necessary, with market reports concerning changes of local regulations in the Territory in connection with the import and sales of the Commodity covered by this agreement, local market tendency and the buyer's comments on quality, packing, price, etc. of the Commodity marketed and supplied by Party A under this Agreement. Party B shall also supply Party A with quotations and advertising materials on similar products of other suppliers.

Advertising and Related Expenses
  • 乙方负担本协议有效期内在中国销售代理商品做广告宣传的一切费用,并向甲方提交所用于广告的资料的复制版本(包括宣传册,广告册,音频,视频等),供甲方事先核准。
    Party B shall bear all expenses for advertising and publicity in connection with the Commodity in the Territory within the validity of this Agreement, and shall submit to Party A a copy of all the materials intended for advertising (brochures, leaflets, audio-, video-, etc.) for prior approval.

Technical support,After-Sale Services and Expenses
  • 根据买方要求,甲乙双方共同提供技术支持和售后服务,双方各自的费用各自承担。

    According to a buyer’s request, Party A and Party B provide technical support and after-sale service to buyer. Each Party shall bear its own expenses. 


    If professional translators are needed in the technical support and after-sale services, Party B shall bear the expenses. If not, Party B is responsible for general translation affairs.

    If entertaining customers are needed in the technical support and after sale services, Party B shall bear the expenses.

  •     对于买方直接与甲方签订合同的,甲方按发票售价向乙方支付佣金,在甲方收到订单的每笔货款后10天之内支付。佣金比例由以下1~4种算法确定:
     合同价格在0~100万人民币的,按15%计算;
     合同价格超过100万人民币,100万~200万区间,按12%计算;
     合同价格超过200万以上的部分,200万~300万区间,按10%计算。
     合同价格超过300万以上的部分,按6%计算。
    For the orders that the contract signed between the buyer and Party A, Party A shall pay Party B commission on the invoiced selling price. Party A shall pay the commission to Party B within 10 (ten) days from the date Party A receives every payment for such order. 
    The commission percentage of selling price is calculated by parts (1) - (4) below according to the following algorithm:
    (1) If the price does not exceed 1 million RMB Yuan, then the commission is equal to 15%;
    (2) If the price is higher than 1 million RMB Yuan, then the commission for the price part between 1 and 2 million RMB Yuan is calculated at 12%.
    (3) If the price is higher than 2 million RMB Yuan, then the commission for the price part between 2 and 3 million RMB Yuan, is calculated at 10%.
    (4) If the price exceeds 3 million RMB Yuan, then the commission for the price part over 3 million is calculated at 6%.

    For example, if the selling price is 5 million RMB Yuan, then the commission includes 150,000 RMB Yuan for the price part (1) above, plus 120,000 RMB Yuan for the price part (2), plus 100,000 RMB Yuan for the price part (3), plus 120,000 RMB Yuan for the price part (4), with the total commission of 490,000 RMB Yuan.


    For orders that the contract signed between the buyer and Party B (the contract type #1) and then Party B signs a contract with Party A (the contract type #2), the commission percentage and transaction method will be set individually in each contract. 

    Any commission stipulated and paid hereunder shall be deemed to cover all the costs, fees, charges and other expenses incurred by Party B and its sub-agents in connection with the respective Sale of the Commodity. 

Make you close to chinese aviation industry
  • We understand that it's not easy for small to midum companies to expand bussiness in a new market. It's time and cost consuming to build a new sales network in a market with a maybe totally different bussiness cultruer. However, Microwing will try our best to assist you to over such kinds of obstacles by means of following:

    >>We organise workshops between overseas organization and chinese industry on diffrent topics that enable you a good opportunity to get close to your potential customers.

    >>We assist you to take part in a chinese airshow or exhibition related to aerospace industry.

    >>We assist you to establish an initial contact to your potential customers.

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